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Upgrade your office + change your state

Purchase a standing desk.

Last year I started to have a ton of back problems. I was seeing a Chiropractor once, sometimes twice a week. I later found out it was all because of my posture and how I was sitting at a regular desk. I went ahead and purchased a standing desk, and I started standing while working (or sometimes even walking.. we’ll get into that in a moment…)

A couple of amazing things happened.

I had more energy during my work day.

I felt like in my meetings, I was more focused and better paying attention.

Actually I freakishly have more energy than most people my zooms. Ha!

And then, I also noticed that all my back problems subsided.

I feel amazing! Not to mention the calories that I’m burning.

So right here, right now, you can literally
Google this “Benefits to a Stand-Up desk”.

You can also do this if you choose to sit down while you work. The benefits of these desks are they move up or down – stand or sit.

Here are a few Amazon links for some great desks with great reviews:




Purchase a treadmill to put under your desk. Why?! — you ask…

I love this because so much of what we do is monotonous. It’s answering messages, meetings, on zoom all while typically sitting at your desk.
If you’re anything like me, you’re networking. your voice texting, you’re answering DMs, and I love to have it stack.

So if I’m going to be answering DMs anyways, why not walk, torch calories, lengthen my legs and move my body, all simultaneously.

This ultimately saves time, and I feel great while doing it.

That’s why I call it habit stacking, where I am doing something to move my business forward + get in a healthy habit = MOVEMENT!

Another great benefit is that I can do it despite the weather.

Here are a couple of Amazon links for great treadmills with great reviews:




These are more mobile if you want the ease of moving them out of the way.

PS if I’m going to do deep work, I don’t walk super-fast on the treadmill.

I go at a very low speed and get in my 10,000 steps. You can play with this to get used to it.

Lighting. Lighting. Lighting.

So first of all, the lighting in a room it’s huge.

I don’t like to work in a basement.
I like to work where there is light and windows with natural light, which will give me more energy.

I typically face my desk, looking outward so as not against a wall, energetically you should know that blocks your energy!

Then I also add an extra element of lighting, which would be a ring light.

BTW: I think it’s crazy how many zooms I do, and people have poor lighting.

I can’t see their faces.

Seeing people’s faces – especially their eyes – is so important to make a connection.

When you’re doing business, you’re trying to cultivate a good connection.

So getting a proper ring light is essential.

Here are a couple of Amazon links for a ring light.




So those are just a few tips to upgrade your office.
Try it out.
Let me know how it goes for you.

Tag me @itsemily when you do your upgrade!

Em xxx