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Turn your home into a SPA – ON a budget!

Feeling stressed? Having trouble sleeping at night? I recommend trying to turn it in a little early and take 20 minutes to YOURSELF.  Here is some helpful tips:


1. Nothing says relaxation like soaking in a relaxing bath!

*add flower petals, cut citruses, coconut oil, or even a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

My essential oils:  Essential Oils Collection

To make the room really feel like a spa — set the mood!

Dim the lights or just use candles. (some of my favorite candles)

Use a fluffy robe (I like this one in Steel Gray of course ) and set the mood with spa music.


2. Buff your skin!

This is a two-for one at home spa hack: stock up on pumice stones and dry brushes.

(I love this Dry Brush)   But they also have amazing benefits for your skin!

*****Dry brushing in circular motions boosts blood flow, removes toxins, and can even reduce the appearance of cellulite!


3. Get steamy!

This is a great at home spa hack you can do any night of the week!

Just run your shower as hot as possible (with all the doors closed) for a few extra minutes before getting in to create a steam room effect. This works best in small bathrooms.

****If you want to up level this, you could tie a bouquet of eucalyptus around your shower head to really bring in the natural spa energy.

***If you really want to focus on your face, I recommend investing in a facial steamer.  I got this when quarantine started when I could no longer get my bi-weekly facials I decided to create my own. This has been a game-changer!

Facial Steamer


4. Face mask.

Who doesn’t love a good face mask? My current obsession…  WHY I LOVE IT: This Superfood Synergy Infusion brings your skin back to life!! The concentrated enzymes gently resurface skin texture with imported, active Manuka honey. It regenerates your complexion– because of the living biological plant-derived peel. Fresh uncooked superfoods are combined with wild harvested therapeutic grade Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is known and respected for its healing abilities and has high levels of enzymes which create unparalleled smoothness and softness to the skin.

try it here:  The Body Deli


5. Use tennis balls for a DIY massage.

Kinks and sore muscles can dampen our moods and ruin our days. If your back or shoulders are screaming and making a racket, try laying down on your back and rolling out the knots by using tennis balls.

 ***Simply place the balls in target locations on your back, prop your head up with a pillow, and work out those painful areas by rolling over the balls. You will score some relief and love the way you feel afterwards.

Love these for easy relief! 

I hope by now you’re motivated to take care of yourself. I do this 1-2 per week my friends. Get your glow on and share your tips below!