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 • The Healing Benefits Of Decluttering with Lili Pettit

The Healing Benefits Of Decluttering with Lili Pettit

Have you ever felt like your stuff is turning your life into chaos? Like there’s clutter everywhere, and no matter how much you try, it doesn’t go away. It seems like every time you clean something up, something else comes in and fills up space.

I’m so excited to welcome in today’s episode, Lili Pettit, the owner of Clutter Healing. Lili is an intuitive professional organizer who helps people eliminate clutter, regain control and restore balance. She changed my life when I met her five years ago and I was living in a state of chaos when it comes to organization. She is one of those women who is full of light, love, and joy and she really knows how to get rid of clutter with ease! So if you want to learn how to declutter like a pro, then this episode is definitely for you!

You are going to have just a joy today learning all about organizing your stuff and your home. And my hope, my prayer is that after this podcast you’d feel really inspired to take action and make a lifestyle change that she’s helped me make.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Lili’s story and her journey to becoming an intuitive professional organizer.
  • The difference between “being organized” and “getting organized.”
  • You don’t get organized overnight. You get organized over a series of micro-decisions we make every single day.
  • Your brain and body can only take in as much visual information. If you’re looking at a cluttered space, your senses will become overwhelmed which makes it harder for you to stay positive and be happier.
  • It all starts with your intention. Begin by asking yourself what you want your space to feel like and how you want it to function. If you have this roadmap, organizing your space will be a breeze.
  • The first step in any organization project is to get clear on your WHY. 
  • Being organized is a lifestyle choice. 
  • Making decluttering and organizing fun and sustainable through habit stacking.
  • Organizing your closet – knowing what to keep and what to let go of.
  • Everything you own has a purpose. If you’re not using something, then it’s not fulfilling its purpose. 
  • The power of community. There are so many ways that our things can benefit others. 
  • Tips for healing and clearing a space. 
  • Give your home a little bit of love by thanking it. 
  • The best time to rearrange the furniture.
  • How to organize when you have almost no storage space.
  • Tips for office organization.

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