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 • Why Most Women Are Working Out Wrong ft. Stephen Pasterino (My Trainer)

Why Most Women Are Working Out Wrong ft. Stephen Pasterino (My Trainer)

Hello everyone! Welcome to The ITfactor Show! Today, we’re going to talk about fitness! I’m excited to introduce you to a very special human being whose wisdom helped me change my whole perspective on fitness.

Stephen Pasterino, better known as P, is the founder of ThreeForm, and the brain behind the low-impact, high-intensity, functional fitness method. He received professional training at the Gray Institute, where he discovered his passion: incorporating physical therapy and rehabilitation movements into exercise. He’s basically known as the guy who elongates your shape, eliminates bulk, and is dubbed the ass master by GQ magazine. 

This episode will really get you to think about fitness differently! We’ll be talking about what fitness really is, how to get started with ThreeForm, and why it’s considered the remedy to the modern world. We’ll also talk about practical tips on how you can transform your body naturally using ThreeForm, plus, a special opportunity for you to get started in this transformational journey. Let’s dive in!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is ThreeForm?
  • Functional movement – understanding your body language.
  • Practical tips to transform your body naturally.
  • Biomechanics. 
  • Stephen’s journey of self-discovery in Africa.
  • How to get started with ThreeForm.
  • Tips for eating healthily. 
  • How to become more feminine.
  • The power of a vision.
  • Wonderful benefits of correcting your biomechanics. 

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