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 • Redesigning Every Aspect of Your Life

Redesigning Every Aspect of Your Life

Hello, my friends and welcome back to the ItsEmily Podcast. Today I am joined by an icon, an icon in fitness, in the celebrity world, as a woman, as a female entrepreneur, and overall a badass. Brooke Burke shares with us her journey from redesigning her life to creating the legacy she has today. In this episode, you’ll hear tips on how to identify and set boundaries, redesign your life, shift out of failure, how to stay motivated and focused and so much more.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Brooke’s journey through business and motherhood
  • What it took to redesign her life in her 40’s
  • How to continue moving forward and try again when things fail
  • The importance of being present in your business, relationships, career, and life in general
  • How breathwork changed Brooke’s life and what it can do to you
  • When did Brooke’s passion for health, wellness, and fitness transpire
  • The importance of making your wellness a priority and putting yourself at the top of the list
  • How to identify and start setting boundaries in your life
  • The reality of what happens to your energy with each interaction you have
  • What Brooke does to look the way she does and keep her body fueled
  • The biggest challenge for Brooke during her time on Dancing with The Stars
  • How visualization, breath, meditation, and the energetic work got her through when she didn’t believe in her bodies capability to win
  • Learning how to shift out of the failure mentality and into a place of getting present and finding the lessons
  • What happens when you find out what motivates and drives you to show up every single day
  • Why it’s so crucial to have mentors and get resourceful whether you’re already motivated or not

Connect with Brooke: @brookeburke