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 • Life Changing Stress Hacks. How to Calm Your Chaos NOW.

Life Changing Stress Hacks. How to Calm Your Chaos NOW.

Hello, my friends and welcome back to the ItsEmily Podcast. Lately, I’ve been uber obsessed with finding ways to calm my chaos. Today, that’s exactly what we’re talking about, calming the chaos. Chaos can show up as anxiety, stress, depression, moodiness, or anything that feels out of alignment. In this episode, I am giving you simple and effective ways I learned how to calm my chaos. You won’t be into everything I share with you today but I’m willing to bet at least one of these things you’ll be able to implement into your day-to-day, nightly routine and you’ll be able to find success in your overall stress levels.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to create a zen and calm environment in your home
  • Why lighting is so important and how it triggers different moods in our brain
  • Start bringing in all the elements into your home
  • The importance of creating a nighttime routine
  • What my nighttime routine looks like
  • The truth behind burnout and why you may be feeling it daily
  • Learning to set boundaries
  • Why nutrition plays such a massive role in calming your chaos
  • What are adaptogens and how they support your body
  • How getting outside can shift your whole day and calm your chaos

Links mentioned in the episode: