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 • Emily Ford: My Interview on ‘Good Day Live’

Emily Ford: My Interview on ‘Good Day Live’

Hello everyone! Welcome to the itsEmily Show. I’m super excited to share with you today a fun interview I had on Good Day Live, a feel-good show hosted by Michelle Murad & Kyle Trueblood. It’s currently the number one talk show on Amazon Live. 

I wanted to share this episode with you so you can hear a little bit more about my values (and why they matter), where I’m at in this stage of my life, and all the exciting things coming up (learn more about ITfactor – you don’t want to miss IT). Plus I also share why your WHY matters, how to stay true to your mission, and much more. So sit back, listen to the show, and let me know if anything stood out to you!

Also In this episode:

  • Tips to recharge your mind and body, and why you need to.
  • Cultivating confidence, not arrogance. 
  • The beauty and value of spending time alone. 
  • Why you need to look at your body as an athlete.
  • Biohacks you can try right now. 
  • The power of being YOU!
  • The red flags game.

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