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 • Losing the Rights to Her Own Name + Business introducing Cheval

Losing the Rights to Her Own Name + Business introducing Cheval

Hello everyone! Welcome to The ITfactor Show! Today I want you to meet my new friend; Cheval.

After becoming one of the most sought-after luxury bridal designers in the world (VOGUE’S TOP TEN), she brought over 10 product lines to market contributing to a $220 million business. As the friendly designer and America’s bridesmaid on TLC’s, “Say Yes to the Dress,” she established a highly engaged personal brand. After 9 years of working under a very one-sided employment contract, her former employer sued her in federal court and gained control of what she believed were her personal and highly valuable social media accounts. She resigned in December of 2020 and her case has become a matter of public interest. Under the current preliminary injunction, she is prevented from using her own birth name in any business or commerce or even to publicly identify herself, she is not getting commission for her designs that are still being sold, and she is restricted from identifying herself as a designer to the trade in which her former employer competes until August of 2027. 

Rather than waiting for luck to strike, she has decided to create her own. On August 8th, 2022, she publicly changed her name to C H E V A L and started a new Instagram account. The public support has inspired her next mission in launching a 501(c)(3) that provides resources to better protect the interests of young women and creatives during the formative years of their career. 

Also in this episode:

  • Cheval’s journey of being an entrepreneur
  • Why your interests need to be a priority in any business relationship
  • Finding new meaning and purpose after a life-changing setback
  • How to put things in perspective when uncertainty strikes.
  • Responsible optimism.
  • How to stand out when everyone is telling you to fit in.
  • Building a community of raving fans.
  • Grow as you go – how to stay positive when starting something new.
  • What is your hero product?
  • Why Cheval?
  • How to be YOU on social media (and why you should)
  • Moving forward is a wonderful thing. 

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