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 • Live Your Faith Out Loud With Brooke Thomas
Brooke Thomas

Live Your Faith Out Loud With Brooke Thomas

Hello everyone! Welcome to The ITfactor Show! Do you feel like you’re just not where you want to be in life? Are you ready to live out loud and do what you love? 

I’m so honored to have as my guest today, Brooke Thomas, CEO of Live Out Loud. Brooke is a powerhouse entrepreneur who has built an 8-figure empire empowering businesswomen to write their own rules for success. Her series of high-level masterminds, live events, and small group coaching programs are designed to help women pursue their purpose with confidence. She runs a thriving online community offering regular trainings on mindset, leadership, and creating authentic relationships. She’s a highly sought-after motivational and keynote speaker, and author, and has been featured in numerous media outlets including Forbes and Huffington Post, and has appeared on multiple television networks. She hosts a successful weekly podcast, The Live Out Loud Show, giving women a free resource to create a major impact in their business, life and faith. 

Brooke’s journey began with her cancer diagnosis in 2004. She was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma which was the catalyst to change her life and accelerate her pathway to success. She believes we were meant to LIVE OUT LOUD. She believes your vibe attracts your tribe and that we rise by lifting others. Through her leadership and entrepreneurship, Brooke inspires heart-centered, business-minded women to DREAM bigger and gives them the tools to take ACTION toward their dreams and MAKE AN IMPACT along the way. Let’s dive in!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Letting go of expectations and the fear of rejection. 
  • God’s Voice vs the Enemy’s
  • The power of telling your story.
  • Keys to understanding the word of God and taking action. 
  • How to develop your faith muscle.
  • Faith principles that can magnify and transform your business. 
  • The Dunamis Power of God.  
  • Brooke’s Relationship Rules – surrounding yourself with people that celebrate you. 
  • How simple can following God be?
  • What it really means to live out loud – and why you should!
  • How to step into your power, speak your truth, and be a catalyst for others to live out loud too.
  • How to be bold in your faith. 
  • Brooke’s daily prayer. 

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