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 • Break Up with Your Friends with Erin Falconer

Break Up with Your Friends with Erin Falconer

Hello, my friends and welcome back to the ItsEmily Podcast. Today we have a super special guest, Eric Falconer. In this episode we talk all about friendships, in particular navigating through friendships that have come to the end of their cycle, having hard conversations, and finding the right friendships for you. Erin shares with us a little about her book How to Break Up With Your Friends and gives us an inside look as to how to word these conversations correctly.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Who is Erin Falconer
  • What caused her to write ” How to Break Up with Your Friends”
  • How to navigate friendships that you’ve outgrown
  • The importance of doing audits of your friendships
  • What happens we ignore the misalignment with certain relationships in our life
  • Auditing yourself and how you are as a friend
  • The importance of equal energy exchange between friendships
  • How to start attracting your ideal friendships
  • Seeing friendships as outlets and not using your romantic partner as your everything
  • The reality of why you need those moments of slowing down and seeing friends
  • Paying attention to the diversity of your friendships
  • Where to find these meaningful friendships
  • How to navigate long term friendships that feel exhausting or like they’ve completed their term
  • Understanding the different friendship styles