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My Recent Amazon Favorites

I wanted to share a few of my favorite Amazon purchases from the month of September. This is stuff that I’ve been USING – because lets face it… not everything is “worth it” but in my opinion this stuff is! So keep scrolling to check out my recent finds.

Travel MakeUp / Face Essentials Bag

FINALLY COMPARTMENTS! I tend to get make-up everywhere and am a royal hot mess with my skincare essentials when traveling. I recently found this bag and I’m obsessed. I have it in medium size so I can put EVERYTHING in it! So chic.


Someone from my team introduced me to this cup and I haven’t looked back since. It’s on the pricey side as far as water bottles go, but it seriously keeps your stuff COLD. Plus, it comes with two different lids, one to use with a straw (it comes with two!) or a lid for coffee. I’m seriously so impressed with this sleek cup. 

Tobacco Leaf Herb Candle 

I wish you could smell this candle through the screen — it is sooo good. It’s a big candle for the price, and the vessel is super sleek and chic.


Having my closet clean and organized is easier said than done, but using hangers like these that are both beautiful and functional makes that job so much easier. Creating a visual cohesiveness brings even the most chaotic wardrobe some synergy. 

Nipple Covers 

I’ll be real with you – I do not like when my bra straps are showing — EEK! Bugs me so bad.  My go-to Nipple Covers that are reusable are these. Thank me later. 

Apothecary Jars

How great are these little jars? I love them for cotton rounds and q-tips storage for my bathroom counter. They look great, and you can get a set of two for under $15! 

Tell me about your recent Amazon finds in the comments! 

Xx Em