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My Favorite Workouts

Staying active is very important to me.

If you read this post here, you know that I love doing at home workouts, or sneaking a workout into my everyday activities with my Bala Bands. But when I get the chance, getting a really good sweat is a must-have for me!

Here are some of my favorite workouts:

Yin Yoga 

You’ve probably heard me talk about Yin Yoga on my Instagram stories a few times! It’s an amazing meditative hot yoga class that’s always at night time. You go, hold some amazing stretches and you leave feeling SO relaxed. It worked wonders for my anxiety. If you have any Yin Yoga classes near you I really recommend!

26 + 2 Yoga 

Another yoga class I love is 26 + 2 yoga, which is a super intense workout. Basically it’s 90 minutes of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises which works your ENTIRE body. It might not be the best beginner yoga class but if you can work your way up to it, you’ll love it!

Speed Walks 

I love taking walks & doing hikes so much! They’re so great to clear your head, get some fresh air, and get your eyes off your screens! I’ll always wear my Bala Bands – either around my ankles or my wrists- and grab Hugo and get walking. Though sometimes if I want to get a really good workout in, I’ll leave Hugo at home… he slows me down because he wants to sniff EVERYTHING!

I’m on my computer a lot, so I always try to reach a 10,000 step goal! You can track your steps on your phone via your Heath app! Just pop on a good playlist or podcast and you’re good to go! PS: if you need a killer podcast to tune into, check out mine 😉


If you’re looking to sweat, I totally recommend p.volve! Their workouts are killer and their equipment is amazing and super easy to use. I do it 3x a week! If you want to see some of my workouts using p.volve, check out the highlight on my Instagram or this post here!

How do YOU stay active! Tell me in the comments below!

xx Em