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Some Of My Favorite Apps

You know what excites me? Finding a great new app… that I actually use! 

I wanted to share some of my favorite apps that aren’t that common. 

Brain Wave

Have you ever meditated at one point and realized how your brain is in such a different state? Maybe you can focus more, think more clearly, and have a better flow in your day? Well, what if there was an app that can help you hack your brain to do that? I found this app not too long ago and I’ve been loving it. 

Our brain has about five different brain waves… helping your body with deep sleep, a good flow, or even when you’re feeling frantic and energetic. This app has different frequencies that you can play to help almost ‘tune’ your body into different states. You can be focused and alert, relaxed, or creative or motivated, etc. 

The different frequencies, which you play on their own or in the background of your music, are at a very soft pitch, just audible enough to be able to hear, but it really alters your brain. How amazing is that? 

Try it here!


I’ve always been the person that likes to learn things quickly, effectively, and just enough that I can be able to apply them. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning and reading books, listening to audiobooks… but sometimes I just want the information/summary quickly… books that I probably won’t ever read, if I had to read the whole book. 

That’s when I found this app called blinkist. It allows you to hear the core concepts of the book, the theories, the summary — in less than 12 to 15 minutes. It’s honestly incredible. There’s been a lot of books that I have just gotten the concepts of, and I’ll think to myself, “Oh, that’s why that book is like that,” or, “That’s why people rave about it!” 

Blinkist allows for me to get a little bite-sized version of an entire book, and they do it really well. 

Try it here!


I found this app recently and it’s such a game-changer. There are those times where you want to send a recording of a screen-share or show what’s on your computer, but also have a personal touch. 

What I love about Loom, is that it allows for me to screen share while showing my face. So it’s more personal, especially if I’m reaching out to a brand or a new prospect and my company allows me to maybe show them how to onboard. 

That way, it’s not just some random video of a computer screen, it’s not just a disembodied voice they’re hearing– – but they see me talking and they can see my expressions. It allows me to better convey what I’m trying to have them accomplish. 

Try it here!

GOT Questions App 

This is definitely for my spiritual, faith-driven friends, but also those of you who are curious. And the ones that maybe don’t have all their answers. This app will be your solution, period.

I remember being shown this app because I had a question that I had wondered about for a long time… big picture things like ‘why is there hate in the world.’ This app was created to answer those kinds of questions in the most holistic way using all different theories, statistics studies, and different theologies. 

Especially surrounding the belief and the truth of the Bible. There are so many different categories. You could go in and learn about facts and beliefs about the Bible, about the universe, and even about different arguments…. such as the Big Bang, and ‘are there other lifeforms out there?’ No matter if you’re a Christian, you’re a believer, you’re questioning, you believe in another faith or religion, this app is a great place to start.

Try it here!


Last but not least, Voxer. I’ve been doing iMessage voice-notes for ages, but it’s not the easiest system for play-backs. If you don’t save the message, it disappears… you can’t scrub through the audio to get to a certain time-stamp… it’s just not an easy system to use, especially when you’re utilizing it for business purposes. Which is why I love Voxer- it’s essentially a walkie-talkie. You can pause messages, fast forward them, restart… it’s seriously a game-changer. There’s even a feature to listen to messages at 3x the speed! It’s a much easier form of communication, business and personal because it allows for a lot of real-time conversations.

Try it here!

What apps do you love? Let me know in the comments! I love learning about what you all are loving. 

Xx Em