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Living With More GRACE

Many of us believe in something that is bigger than all of us, in various forms. A creator, a universe, whatever it may be for you, this foundation you live your life by gives you the ability to cultivate more grace.

It’s been a massive secret to my success and in the last few years I have been able to access it more than ever. It’s having GRACE. I am asked all the time how I have so much confidence or how I keep getting up and forging ahead or bouncing back. I have a foundation that I live my life on. I believe in an invisible intelligence that infuses all of life and through my relationship with my creator, it has really allowed me to cultivate more grace in my life. 

Grace is something transcendental we all share, a part of the basic human operating system that we can choose to access or not. One thing is for certain, once we open to the motion of the miraculous in our lives, grace shows up even more.

Having grace is like having flow, which is spontaneous action inspired from our inner being rather than action inspired from limited thoughts, judgments, and beliefs of our ego. Having confidence, compassion and forgiveness is something we constantly work on, but you can’t earn grace – that’s the best thing about it –  it’s free, it’s abundant, you can find it and cultivate it and have more of it in your life.

If you are ready to bring more grace into your life, read on.

Freedom Grace

To find more Freedom Grace, you need to free yourself from other people’s opinions – they really have nothing to do with your purpose or your gifts.

No matter what you do to pursue greatness in this lifetime, people will still talk about you or have an opinion of you. We are fed with so much negativity and paradigms that hold us back, but when you see that this is only a temporary ride and a lot of the noise is just made up to suck us in, you will allow more Freedom Grace to flow in. Let go of trying to impress others and focus on impressing only your creator and step into the abundance of Freedom Grace that you’re meant to have.

Future Grace

You can access Future Grace all the time. Through your trials and sorrows and darkness, believe that there is more out there for you. Try to move past ‘why is this happening to me?’ and let go of the stories attached to the sadness – trust that there is more in store for you. Feel the temporariness in what you are experiencing and that whatever you are going through, there is a bigger picture.

New Grace

This is your moment to understand that you can start new, by picking up and starting new today, knowing that today is a good enough time to start seeing that there is a bigger picture. Let go of past mistakes, old stories and labels that have become a part of your identity and decide that’s not you anymore. No matter what you’ve been through or are carrying shame about, today can be a clean slate, a new chapter in your life – no labels, no stories, no shame. You are forgiven. You are of something so much greater and you can choose this for yourself, today.

Your grace had always been there, just waiting for your quiet attention. Whether there is a religious aspect to finding your grace or not, remember we are built for it, we are always capable of acting from a place of mindful flow and choosing to allow more grace into our lives at any time.

Em xx