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HOME INVASIONS: The World Has Changed.

Tips to Protect Yourself Now

With home invasions and crime on the rise globally here are tips on what you can do to protect yourself now…

  • Look at your home as if you’re the one doing the break-in and work out where your home might be vulnerable and an easy target.
  • Install great home security- cameras, ring lights etc. (see below for links)
  • Always check your security camera. Make sure it’s working, and if possible, install more than one so you can have a backup. A ring camera is also something you should definitely get for extra security.
  • When you go on vacation, make sure to put a stop to your mail and deliveries. Leaving them unattended gives burglars a hint that no one is home.
  • Adding a layer of security film to your glass windows can help you buy time if someone tries to break in. 
  • Get an alarm system and make sure to put it on every day. Hook it up to your phone so that you easily access it at any time. 
  • A house with a big dog with loud barks is less likely to get robbed than one with a small dog or nothing at all. 
  • Don’t be an easy target for burglars. Keep your TV and lights on, and don’t park your car the same way every time. 
  • When you’re on vacation, don’t just post real-time updates about your trip. Post pictures from your home as well.
  • If you’re traveling, have a neighbor park their car in your driveway to make it look like your house isn’t unguarded. 
  • Be in constant communication with your neighbors about any suspicious activity. It’s important to work together as a community to help prevent these crimes.
  • If possible, have a license plate reader.
  • Create your own checklist list for securing your home. Add things like keep your windows closed and your lights on. Make sure that your security cameras are working, don’t leave packages outside, and make sure that your alarm is always turned on.
  • Organize a family meeting to share ideas about how to prevent break-ins, what you’ll do if a thief breaks into your home, and how you’ll handle the situation.
  • If someone comes into your house with a gun, then be willing to comply. Don’t fight them. If you could run away, then that’s the number one thing you should do.
  • Always have a little cash on hand as well as a box of jewelry (costume jewelry will suffice) and know exactly where they are. Give them what they want and get out.
  • Stay off your phone when driving and always pay attention to your surroundings, particularly if someone seems to be following you. Awareness is key. 
  • Always have a buddy. Don’t go into neighborhoods where there are a lot of crimes. 
  • If you’ve ever been in a traumatic experience, don’t resist people who want to help. Lean on them. 

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