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10 Healthy Food Swaps

Eating healthy is so much easier said than done — I get it!

I love sharing food and recipe ideas with you all… if you haven’t checked out my protein donut recipe yet, click here! Finding ways to sneak in some healthy food into your every day diet is such a great way to eat clean… or at least as clean as possible!

If you know me, then you know I’ve been eating clean for over TEN years now! It’s basically second nature for me to reach for clean foods and I love sharing my picks with all of you! Not too long ago, I found these healthy wraps (shop them here!) and it had me thinking about healthy alternatives to things you eat every day, or things you might be craving.

So I wanted to share some swaps that I love, or on my radar to try next!

Swap your sandwich bread for healthy wraps!

Less carbs than bread, and packed with more nutrients! 

Swap your potato chips for mixed nuts!

Sometimes your body is just craving some salt.

Swap your potato chips for low-cal popcorn!

Another great salty and crunchy swap!

Swap your sour cream for greek yogurt!

Less calories for basically the same taste!

Swap your pasta for zoodles!

Get your veggie intake the fun way!

Swap your rice for cauliflower rice!

Another great way to swap a carb for a veggie! 

Swap your soda for sparkling water!
The same carbonation hit without all the sugar! 

Swap your mayo for avocado or hummus!

If you love mayo on your burger or in your wrap, try avo or hummus for an extra layer of healthy flavor! 

Swap crackers for apple slices!

The healthy charcuterie board alternative!

Swap croutons for almonds!

Add some crunch to your salad the healthy way! 

Do you have any food swaps that you love? Tell me in the comments !
Xx Em

  • Melanie


    I live these recommendations. Especially the pasta for zoodles!

    August 19, 2021