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Get Unstuck In 3 Steps

Do you ever ask yourself if you feel stuck in life, in a relationship or in your career? Are you struggling to get up and start your day? Were you doing well, and now you’re not? Do you find yourself in a rut or a perpetual cycle of procrastination?  

You are not alone. There are three major things I’ve seen hold people back from building and creating the life and business they truly desire.  It is normal to feel stuck at some point in our lives. Whether it be in your career, building a business, working towards a promotion, your personal life, wellness, fitness, or even focusing on your next goal.   

Here are three reasons why and how to change it.

1. Not taking action

If you are waking up every day and just thinking about your goal, wanting to do it, but not following through and taking action, you are damaging your confidence more than you think. Many of us procrastinate taking that first step toward a big goal or a new start. We tell ourselves it’s not the right time, we’re not ready, or today’s not right, but you will never be completely ready, there is never going to be a perfect time, and things will never line up perfectly so you can start. There is only NOW. 

Action neutralizes negative emotion, so take action now to help you move forward. If you have hit a wall or reached a blockage, you may need to pivot. It’s time to stop making excuses and allowing those sabotaging thoughts and excuses to hold you back. You can change direction if things aren’t working out or take one small step forward each day to get the ball rolling. Baby steps are fine, as long as you are taking them.

2. You stop doing the thing that got you to where you are.

You stopped recruiting, you stopped bringing people into your business, you stopped showing up to the meetings, you stopped the networking, you stopped showing up at the gym, and you stopped going out. Whatever you were doing to get yourself where you are now, you’ve let go of – You’re coasting. The moment you started coasting, you started to become stagnant. 

You got to this place because of certain behaviors and habits, and if you step back and be truly honest with yourself, you’ll see you have been coasting along. That’s the quickest way to flatline, and it will leave you irrelevant. Ask yourself that question – am I doing the things that got me to where I am?

3. You’re a major multi-tasker

Yes, we all do it. We juggle many things. We have to. But when you are managing too many big projects or goals, it spreads you thin. If you are doing ten different things, you can’t drive one thing hard enough to make it really matter. You need to figure out what you want to be known for and who you really want to serve and focus on that 100 % first. This builds momentum, and you need to crush it before you move into another thing. 

When I ask people what they do, they often tell me five different things and can’t really pinpoint the one thing they are thriving in. Try to hone in on that one thing that is the biggest priority, the biggest payoff for you mentally, physically, and financially – whatever it is that you want more than anything. If it’s a big goal with many moving parts, you will need to chunk it up into pieces that can be focused on individually. Then put your energy and focus into becoming the best you can be at that one thing. Build momentum there.

So if you are feeling stuck, in a rut or struggling to level up, go back and look at these three things. Be honest with yourself and do some fine-tuning to rebuild momentum. Make a sustainable plan and work on it daily – you will see progress, you will feel more confident, you will feel motivated, and you will continue to move forward.