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Everything You Need for an At-Home Facial

Self care can look like a lot of different things! Sometimes it’s therapy, sometimes it’s a workout or a walk, and sometimes it’s a bubble bath and an at-home facial!

Setting aside a night to do a super luxe at-home facial is the best me-time ever! A good playlist or podcast (maybe the ItsEmily podcast? * wink wink*) and some incense or a yummy smelling candle (this one right here is my fave!) and just some good pampering is basically the best night I can think of!

Here are my at-home facial musthaves:

Under Eye Patches 

These under-eye patches are my newest obsession. A friend of mine just launched them and I can’t get enough! They’re great to throw on to give your face a refresh before an early call or meeting, or as a little treat for your undereyes anytime you need a little pampering. Check them out here!

Face Steamer 

I actually found this facial steamer on Instagram and I love it! Steaming your face for a few minutes, just like when you get a facial, helps open up your pores and loosens all the gunk so you can get a really really good cleanse. PS: it looks like it’s on sale right now!!

Ice Roller 

You’ve probably seen me talk about ice-rolling before! This one from Amazon is SO amazing for de-puffing your face after a night out or a day of traveling. The cold helps boost your blood circulation for glowing skin!


Face Contour LED

Okay, I know this looks crazy, but trust me when I say I’m obsessed! You can read my whole write up about it here! It’s an investment for sure, but what better investment can you make than your skincare? Shop it here!

Gua Sha 

I’ve been incorporating Gua-Sha into my skincare routine for a while now and it’s so relaxing. Not only does it feel good, as it’s basically a massage for your face, but it helps with lymphatic drainage! Which basically means de-puffing your face, helps your circulation, and relieves muscle tension!

How do you pamper yourself? Drop a comment down below and let me know!

Xx Em