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Creative and Inspirational: Meet Ellie Cashman

There are times in your life when you meet someone that is a creative master, and for me that was when I found Ellie Cashman. Ellie is an incredible artist who through her magnificent work truly inspires me. Not only is she an immensely talented artist she is also a powerhouse businesswoman.

My workspace is an incredibly sacred space, a space where I need to feel my most inspired. Whether I am working on a project, recording my podcast, or teaching and leading my team – I know that my workspace and how it feels is crucial to how I show up. It is not enough to adapt to the energy in the space you need to influence it – and Ellie’s work does just that (hence why I put it into my new home in Nevada).

If you have never come across Ellie Cashman, let me share a little about her. She is the creator of large-scale floral artwork using a clever combination of traditional techniques and modern digital art media. Her creative process begins by hand. Ellie sketches her work and then imports it to further develop it digitally.

From the start of her creative process to completed art it can take from six months to a year to complete. Ellie is also a passionate student of her art, she studies centuries old techniques in oil painting allowing her to gain insights and approaches that in her work manifest in the form of incredible light, color and contrast. This attention to detail means you are able to see and feel a heightened sense of space and depth in each piece.

“It’s my hope to apply these ‘Golden Age’ insights and techniques using new (digital and printing) technology, to create an artful, signature style of surface design for interior and fashion applications.” says Ellie.

One of Ellie’s favorite designs (and mine) is this dark floral silk satin cushion. This work in particular for me has a beauty to it that words simply can’t describe. Each time I look at it I feel uplifted, inspired – I feel utterly grateful for its beauty.

Ellie’s newest project is a series she is creating for yoga and meditation cushions and eye pillows. They aren’t available just yet, but I am super excited to bring some of Ellie’s art into my yoga and meditation in the future.

When it comes to ordering, the customer service team is top-notch. They’re devoted  to helping clients make their vision a reality, so if you’re curious don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.

Check out Ellie’s designs to get inspired: Follow her on Instagram @elliecashmandesign and Pinterest @elliecashman for all the latest news about her brand and products.

Major kudos to Ellie for following her dreams – and putting more beauty into the world and in our homes.

Em xx