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Beat Challenging Times by Becoming Bullet Proof

An economic Winter is coming – but don’t run for cover! It’s more important than ever right now to live big and strengthen your mindset.

Dean Graziosi is a man who makes an impact. The multiple New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and investor has made it his mission for over 20 years to deliver self-education to those seeking transformation, fulfilment, and success outside the traditional education path. He says to best prepare yourself for this challenging economic time you need to improve your mindset now. 

“If you haven’t been through an economic winter, you won’t understand. We haven’t begun to feel the byproducts that are to come. Now is the time to work on your mindset. Isn’t it better to prepare and understand, rather than react?”

Many of us shrink away, fall apart or just freeze when challenges shake the foundation of our lives or business, instead of meeting it head on. 

“In your life when you had an opportunity to go after that thing, that relationship or that job, your inner talk, your inner story told you that your life is good enough as it is, don’t take the risk, be blessed with where you’re at. It made you play small, freeze and think, I’m ok where I am.

You missed a better opportunity because of a story.”

We all have a moment of living with imposter syndrome. We are all scared to lean into the next level at some point in our lives. Dean says if we don’t step up now, we will look back with huge regret.

“Imagine being at the end of your life and your creator played you a video of the person you could’ve been, but did not become because you were afraid – holding back because of imposter syndrome, what people thought of you, or fear – you would do anything to go back and do it all differently and not give a crap what people think of you,” he says.

“The media shows extremes and brings out our worst. When uncertainty in life is at a high, if you have a story, it gets magnified. When unceratiny gets super high, you will freeze. You can’t afford to do that now.”

“It doesn’t matter which president you like, no one is coming to save you, so the first thing you have to work on is getting a new story. Your new story needs to say ‘I’m not sitting on my hands, I’m not going to freeze, I’m not playing out that story anymore, I’m not going to be at the end of my life regretting how I played. I want God to say ‘damn you’re a badass! You tried it all!’ That’s your new story.”

The things you think about or do that rob you of courage and confidence, will be magnified during the pressure of an economic Winter. To ride it out, you have to prepare and shift that story.

“Tell yourself ‘In a time like this, I’m going to become a leader, I’m going to be courageous!’ You have to find the courage to go for it. Sometimes, you have to be disappointed in yourself if you don’t just move!”

Take stock of where you get bogged down or where your confidence takes a battering and eliminate those things straight away.

“I went on a news diet, not one headline. It robbed my confidence and I never felt good afterwards. I began to eliminate things and people that made me feel bad about my dreams, gossips, negative people – I just drifted away from them.” 

“I asked myself, ‘What is stopping me from getting there? Is it a story? Is it people? Is it marketing? Is it the news? You have to become self aware to get where you want to go.”

Tell yourself a different story and repeat it, over and over. Step up and become bullet proof, you have the potential to be and make this chapter of your story your best one yet!

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