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August Must Haves

Get ready because I’m about to dish out my top 5 must-haves for August!

1. Air Fryer 

My air fryer is absolutely, hands down, a staple in my kitchen. I find myself using this bad boy almost every single night. It is the best way to get any food— meat, veggies, potatoes, fish, you name it— to a nice crispy state without the excess oil that is required for normal frying. Also, it is super easy to use. You just pop whatever you’re cooking into the basket, set it to the recommended temp, and then set it to the time it takes to cook. Boom! You have a fast, easy, and healthy way to cook your foods. This is the air fryer I use. Also, stay tuned for a blog about my top 5 air fryer recipes coming soon!

2. Kai Body Glow

As many of you know, I have been in vegas for the past month and it is so hot and dry here!! I recently found a new fragrance line that offers a huge variety of products to lock in and replenish the moisture in your skin. My favorite is the body glow, which makes you looking GLOWING and leaves your skin buttery smooth. The best part is that the whole company is paraben-free, aluminum-free, and sulfate-free.

3. Vegan Whole Blend Isalean Shake 

This superfood smoothie is one that delivers a perfectly balanced meal in a significant way. Here are just a few ways Plant-Based Whole Blend IsaLean® Shake soars above the rest: Vitamin diversity, also known as vitamers. Vitamins take on many forms, and Whole Blend Shake sources many of them to cover a wider diversity of nutrients in one meal with the nutrients sourced from organic whole vegetables. The vitamins and minerals in our vitamin extract blend don’t come from just anywhere. They come from: sweet potato, spinach, sunflower seed, shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom, chlorella, broccoli, pumpkin, and kale all contribute to the vitamer diversity in PlantBased Whole Blend IsaLean Shake. It’s a clean, responsible protein. You should know where your protein actually comes from. PlantBased Whole Blend IsaLean Shake has 24 grams of high-quality plant-based protein from fava beans, mung beans, and peas. It is naturally sweet. Your taste buds won’t believe it, but the label isn’t lying. 1 gram of added sugar with zero sacrifices to taste or sweetness.

4. Silk PillowCases 

Did you know? Your pillowcases are covered with dead skin cells, sweat, and oil from face and hair, making them a breeding ground for dirty items. GROSS!! The protein found in silk is proven to naturally remove the dead skin cells, sweat, and oils and promote supple skin and keep away wrinkles. Once I switched to a silk pillowcase, I totally saw a difference. They also feel luxurious and are recommended for promoting healthy hair. It’s a win-win all around. These are my favorite ones. 

5. Beruna 

Last but not least is my favorite superfood seasoning. This company’s whole line is plant-based, sprouted, nutrient-dense, organic, and it’s made and sourced locally in California!!! You may have seen me talk about some of them in my Pronut blog as a topping. My current favorite is the cinnamon. I typically put a dash of it in my coffee in the morning for an extra bit of flavor. Check them out here and use the code ITSEMILY at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase!

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