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Meet Emily Ford

I’m a business owner, dog mom to my Hugo, and wellness curator who is constantly brainstorming some of the best ways to share my everyday lifestyle tips, hacks, and experiences with you. I’ve led a team of over 150,000 entrepreneurs and shared the stage with some of the biggest business names in the world, so whether it’s getting my trusted business and personal development advice or a look at my favorite outfits, meals, or next trip - I want you to have a front-row seat along the way. So check out my newly launched podcast, ‘ITSEMILY podcast,’ where I’ll help you navigate through the world of business and entrepreneurship. The perfect combination of hustle and flow.

About Emily


How can we collaborate?

The best way to reach me is email. For gifting or partnership inquiries, or if you just have a random question for me, email me at info@itsemily.com

What is my sizing?

I’m 5’6. I’m typically a size small in tops, 4 in dresses, 26-27 in jeans

Where is your favorite blowout spot?

Drybar. Having a membership is the way to go.

How and why did I start my business?

Check out my podcast here

What breed is Hugo?

Hugo is definitely a BOSS. Little Alpha nugget. He is a Bichon / shih tzu Mix “Mini Teddy” he is 15lbs. Give him a follow on IG @ItsSirHugo

How can you work with me?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want to join my health and wellness team and start to build a side income for yourself? EMAIL us and we can schedule a call. Are you looking for me to speak at your event? EMAIL us. Are you looking for collaboration … EMAIL US! (seriously, email us. We respond) info@itsemily.com

What is my collagen elixir?

The highest grade Collagen Beauty product that you drink and is KNOWN to create noticeable results in less than 10 days. Click here for more details.

What is my go-to coffee stop in LA?

LA LA Land cafe. The Vibes are on another level. The way they’ve trained their staff is commendable – Get the Lavender Bloom Matcha Latte. Iced.

What is my go-to self-care routine/day?

Go to self care day is definitely spending time outdoors / beach or pool day followed by in-home spa session. Read more here

Where can I see more?

On IG! I’m very active on my stories. If i’m not, i’m in my introvert mode… but don’t worry i’ll come back… Turn on notifications and connect with me there. @itsemily

What’s your workout and eating schedule?

I have countless blogs on my specific workout routine and if you want to find out more about my eating schedule take a moment and dive into this YouTube I did.

What do you do when you’re not working?

So many fabulous things! I LOVE Vintage shopping. Going to a good movie (that makes me cry or gets me motivated (ROM-Com, Drama/ suspense flick), classical music concerts, yoga, breathwork class, horseback riding, having my fav make-shift cocktail drink (if you don’t know.. You need to know link blog to my fav drink), go to animal shelter, heading my church (Mosaic in LA), beach day but I prefer pool day…. And overall hanging out with EPIC people with great conversation fills my soul.

Can we know your full story?

YES! Please know more than my highlight reel. I recorded a podcast on it check it here


I’ve been privileged to work with some of my favorite brands across the beauty, lifestyle, and travel spaces. While I’m selective with who I work with, I always welcome emails and partnership requests to see if we’re both a fit for each other.