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A Morning Routine That Changes The Game

Do you wake up each morning feeling sluggish or overwhelmed? Do you wake up with a busy brain, racing thoughts and overthinking? Or are you just struggling to stop pushing snooze? 

You are not alone, many people wake up feeling completely drained or in dread, and without a good morning routine, it’s hard to shake.

My morning routine started long ago. There came the point in my life when I realized I get to choose how I start my day and the importance of taking these steps each morning to achieve ultimate success each day and in my life.   

Are you ready to start your day refreshed and focused?

  • Firstly, please don’t look at your phone, don’t check email, social media, dating apps etc. Choose not to start your day in other people’s vortex instead of your own. Make this choice for yourself.

  • Make your bed. This will set the tone for the day. 

  • Drink at least 20 ounces of water to break that fast. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the water, rehydrate and take your vitamins.

  • Tony Robbins’ powerful priming technique will help you prime your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to help you cultivate positive emotions and drastically improve the quality of your life. By adding this routine to your morning, you will quickly feel more energized, focused, and clear about your goals. He truly is the Master, and his priming is the ultimate game-changer:
  1. Sit somewhere quiet with both feet on the floor, put your shoulders back, your chest up, lengthen your neck and hold your head high.
  2. Begin breathing short, fast sets of 30 breaths in and out. They should take about 30 seconds for each set. Pause for 1 minute and notice the feelings in your body. Complete 3 sets of 30.
  3. Place your hands over your heart and really tap into its power and strength as you breathe into it for 30 seconds.
  4. Think of three things you’re grateful for from your past, present or future. Think of the first moment as vividly as possible for 1 minute. Then move to the second for 1 minute, then the third.
  5. It’s time to connect to your spirit. Tony imagines “colorful light coming down and filling his body, healing anything that needs to be healed – body, thoughts, emotions, feelings.” Spend a minute feeling your problems being washed away, and then ask that your best parts be strengthened. 
  6. Spend a minute sending the energy from this healing and strengthening to your family, loved ones, colleagues, clients, friends and even strangers. 
  7. Think of 3 outcomes or goals you want to achieve. Imagine what achieving them feels like. Visualize yourself reaching those goals and celebrating. How will it impact you and those around you? Go through each outcome individually, feeling each one as vividly as possible for 3 minutes.

After my priming session, I go to my rebounder – the mini-trampoline. I take a minute or two and jump on it to some music that really hits the spot. This raises my vibration even more and really gets me going. You can add anything else to your routine, as long as it’s sustainable.

The best thing about a morning routine is that you can start tomorrow! Now you can take your phone off silent and get ready to have a beautiful, high-energy day.

Em xx