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6 Ways to Calm Your Chaos

Sometimes, you need a little zen.

As we head into the weekend, this is your sign to calm your chaos! Sometimes life gets out of hand, and you’re going a million miles a minute — and before you know it you haven’t had a moment to yourself in a month! Sound familiar?

I wanted to share 6 ways you can calm your chaos! Do them all, do a couple — but take time for YOU!


It’s called mood lighting for a reason! Not too long ago, I went to Cabo and stayed at the Viceroy! The entire hotel and its grounds had the coolest mood color lighting built into the architecture. Not only were the vibes and energy of the entire place amazing, but the colored lighting was done for a reason! It actually helps lower people’s anxiety!

So naturally, I had to get some mood lighting of my own! These LED strips and lights are super easy to install and can totally change the vibe of any room instantly! If you’ve ever tried to center yourself in a brightly lit room, you probably realize that lighting can dramatically affect your mood. That’s because the white lights used in most rooms are meant to keep us awake. You can create a relaxing environment using calming color light.

Check some out here and here!

Water Feature

This little tabletop water feature is basically like bringing the spa home to you! All of those soothing sounds can really help you relax… almost instantly! Plus, it’s basically a piece of art! Check out some of my picks here and here!

Night-Time Routine 

Having a nighttime routine is so important. Doing things that tell your brain that it’s time to relax can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. It’s a great time to reflect, to read, to journal, to meditate… even a mini at-home spa night! Just turn your phone on airplane mode, shut down your laptop, and have some hot tea. Trust me you’ll feel amazing. For more calming sleep help, check this out!

Adaptogen Elixir

My new Adaptogen Elixir™ is a bubbly blend of adaptogens and kombucha to give you the balance you need to live life with less stress. It’s a dietary supplement designed to support your ability to adapt to stress that combines kombucha from black tea leaves with some amazing ingredients like ashwagandha and schisandra fruit that help you relax.

Its refreshingly tart kombucha tea flavor is complemented with a subtle hint of rose, and believe me when I say it tastes SO GOOD! Click HERE to learn more!

Nature Walk 

Take some time in nature! It’s a great way to totally reset. Breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin (while wearing SPF, obvs) is not only good for your physical health but your mental health too! Make sure you’re taking time away from your electronics — being able to step away from the constant stimuli of emails, texts, notifications, it’s like a gentle massage for your brain!

Say “No!”

No is a full sentence! Setting your boundaries is a form of self-care. Saying something like, “At this time I don’t have the capacity to do this. Thank you for being patient with me. Let’s circle back!” might seem like it’s hard to do, but you’ll thank yourself later! If you want to read more about saying no, check out this book here!

How do you calm your chaos! Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram!

Xx Em

  • Elisabeth Dalseth


    These are so easy but still I need more discilpline to adapt them 100%, thank you for the reminder! The elixir sounds amazing, I hope we get that too over here in Norway, but I still have my Ionix Supreme to support my body and mind ☺️❤️🙌🏻 Have a good day Emily ☺️

    July 31, 2021
  • Marisa Ostendorf


    Love all of this ❤️

    January 13, 2022