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3 Ways to Stand Out on Social Media

Social Media can be used for so much!

So if you’re ready to absolutely level up your social media presence, then these tips are FOR YOU!

1. Be Obsessed 

Be obsessed with whatever it is you’re selling.

Sometimes when you start social for your business, you can feel like you’re being a little ‘annoying’ – like you’re talking about your business a lot. Think about it this way – people are only seeing little glimpses! That consistency can show that you’re serious about building your business, that you’re not just ‘trying it on.’

When you’re obsessed with something, and you continue to talk about it, add value, show your expertise – what that does is allow people to trust you! If they wanted help in that arena, they’ll think of you!

Even I feel like at times I can be like a redundant robot, but I know that there’s a level of obsession I have to be at, I have to be focused if I want my message to STICK.

If you’re not obsessed, you’re ordinary. 

2. Don’t Be A Carbon Copy 

If your someone who’s building a business and you’re constantly coping and taking ideas from someone-  that’s boring! When you’re constantly a copycat, you’re never truly downloading what makes you unique. Other people eventually catch on to that!

I quote people all the time, I get inspired all the time, but I add my own spin to it! Live in your truth and bring it into your social media presence!

When you start you might ask yourself, is this too much? But it’s going to be exactly what the right person needs to hear from you.

If you want to stand out you have to stand your ground. 

3. Deliver Value 

Social media is so noisy! Sometimes you just want to take a pretty picture of yourself, maybe you just want to complain — but what I recommend is to start thinking before you post:

How is this going to serve someone? Would this help someone? Would be sharing this vulnerable moment help someone? Would this little hack help someone? Yes!

If you want to become someone worth following, be mindful of what you’re putting out into the world of social. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking-shatter-the-world-break-the-internet stuff- sometimes your everyday revelations can be the exact news flash someone needs.

Every now and again, it’s totally okay to have a praise post! Pat yourself on the back! 95% of the time, I’m thinking: who is this woman at home who’s questioning every move she makes in her head. She wants more for her life but she can’t seem to breakthrough because she’s so concerned about her old friends and what people think. But she wants to make her move and she wants to explore and feels stuck — that’s who I’m thinking of.

When you’re doing this, and you start to give with no expectation: people want to come to you. They want to learn from you, be in your aura. The more value they get the more raw and real you are, this whole thing becomes easy.

I’m going above and beyond what’s expected.


So there you go! Be obsessed, don’t be a carbon copy, and deliver value.

Are you ready to stand out?

Drop a comment down below or send me a DM on IG and tell me your takeaways!

Xx Em