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3 Key Elements That Shape Your Identity – From My Conversation with Ed Mylett

Ed Mylet is a living legend, a man living his true calling and purpose of motivating and inspiring people to become the best version of themselves. This man has impacted my life and millions of others. He will transform your life through his podcasts and books which are an indispensable roadmap in every part of your life, helping you to live an extraordinary “one more” life.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Ed and engage in a truly momentous conversation about his incredible new book ‘The Power Of One More’ and discuss the holy trilogy of changing your identity – faith, intention, and association.

“Changing your life starts first with changing your identity,” Ed says. “It governs everything in your life. All of the thoughts, concepts and beliefs that you hold to be most true about yourself come from your identity. You will always reset back to that identity, no matter what happens to you, even the good stuff – if your identity is not aligned with that level of worth, you wont get there.” 

So if you find yourself struggling to break a pattern or push through or you feel like no matter what you do in life, you just keep winding up in exactly the same situation again and again, it is time to change your identity. Why? Because it’s holding you back! Ed says there are three key elements to our identity that need to be present in who you are.

  1. Faith. Enroll your faith into your identity. “Don’t ditch your faith where and when it suits you, remind yourself you are a child of an all loving knowing god, the son of a king,” he says. 
  1. Intentions. Give yourself plenty of credit for your intent. “My confidence and identity comes from my strong intent to serve.” As a young man in his twenties, Ed had a life changing conversation with Dr. Wayne Dyer. “I told Wayne ‘you changed my life.’ He said back to me, ‘I doubt that – you probably changed your life.’ After talking for a while, he told me, ‘you’re going to change the world. It’s not because of your magnificent brain, it’s because of your massively good intentions.’  Never link your identity to your confidence and abilities because you’ll always be chasing a flicker of your intention.”
  1. Associations. This relates to the people you spend time with and associate with. “I may reduce my proximity or frequency with certain people, but I don’t dump people, because maybe it’s my turn to serve them. I’m a big believer in adding people, so I do go and seek out the energy I need. I’ve literally joined clubs to incorporate those associations.” 

“If you work on those three, together, every single day, you are going to change.” Ed.

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